Bedroom collection Binge chamber screen & dressing table

Bedroom collection that redefines the art of decoration 

When she watches shows like The Crown, Downton Abbey and The Queens Gambit, Juliëtte is always focussed on decoration; interiors and clothing. Costume dramas often feature sumptuously decorated bedrooms, that ooze luxury. They are large and always contain more than just a bed. A chamber screen and dressing table are standard and often the lady of the house appears in a wonderful ‘dressing gown’. 
When Juliëtte was given free rein with the design commission of the well-known DecoLegno brand she did not need much persuasion. She made the new décors of the plate material into a dressing table and chamber screen. Her design challenged the makers by processing the flat material into curved shapes in 3D.

It was evident for Juliëtte that the bedroom collection would be finished using textiles. Flat surfaces and cool materials need balance to create a complete feeling of luxury and comfort. The Ottoman has been furnished with the French fabric by Nobilis, which was also used in The Queens Gambit. The dressing gown is made of Jacquard curtain fabric and the camber screen with Italian Jacquard by Dedar Milano. 

To see this collection launched at a special bedroom location, follow this link to YouTube 

Read about the co-create project on the DecoLegno website (in Dutch).